Saturday, October 16, 2010

nfahk's GIVEAWAY


ini giveaway .. erin tag sy.. ^_^ jadi sy join la.. tanx erin n thanks to nfahk's sbb buat giveaway ni..
hope i'm lucky..lama jugak tak join giveaway sbb agak bz.. tp sy suka giveaway n contest sbb its actually giving me an 'idea' to make a new post.. hehe~ good luck to me..

ini banner comel!!


tagging time: beba.. fariez n nida.. (u alls sy tag tau!! ) ^_^

Checklist! ^_^
(cukup syarat x??hehe)

1. follow my blog-done
2. post any sticky mode entry bertajuk "nfahk's GIVEAWAY" and tag another person. tak kisah berapa ramai.. the more the merrier kan? jangan diam2 plak... let them know yang dorg kena tagged-ok sure
3. dont forget dalam post tu korang kena put a link to my blog-okeh
4. letak banner kat post korang tu and at your sidebar of course..baik boss
5. oh jangan lupa tinggal link post korang kat sini okay... letak je dlm komen kat bawah tuuu
end of contest:17 oct 2010.. esok eyh..erk~


nfahk said...

hai sayang.. thanx for joining.. i dah add ur link kat sidebar tau.. gudluck! :)

NaDic said...

owh.. thanks dear.. ^_^ hope i'm lucky enuf..hehe~

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