Friday, October 15, 2010

Hadiah sudah sampai.. i'm glad they like it~

still remember contest by cantik itu kamu??
well..i posted the prizes a few weeks ago..
i’m glad that the contestent had received their prizes n their happy with it..

this are among the prizes they won... congrats to the winners.. n thanks to others who joined the contest. .keep supporting cantik itu kamu.. Hye,not forget to mention about our new sub-blogshop  “Urban Chica”.. 
we sell apparels now!!.. all are below RM50.. very affordable, i bet u.. ^_^

 i love cardigans.. do u?? hee.. do you know cardigan will never be outdated..??

wanna know more bout urban chica? just browse thru our blog.. not much stuff yet.. but we're progressing towards  developing it to the next level.hehe.insyaAllah.. do support us..
p/s:leh kumpul duit kawen skali ni.. hehe ^_^


Lelord said...

ekekekke kena kol mak ni tya

aMyErInAiMiE said...

dear. uve been tagged tau! look at my sticky post

NaDic said...

sis lelord..
sila tnya mak.. ^_^ hope dah smpi ye sis..

erin.. seriusly?? hehe.. aku nk blik kmpg jap..nnt aku update k.. ^_^ TQ dear..xoxo

SyUhAdA said...

thniah kpd pemenang yer~

aMyErInAiMiE said...

serious laa..hehe.dh lame dh tag tp xberpeluang nk btau.hehe
ok dear.take care!

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