Wednesday, August 11, 2010

welcome ramadahan.. and please go away 'problems'..

welcome ramadhan.. i hope this year will be better than last year..
may i'll be a better person and may i'll be bless by 'rahmat' Allah..
every and each day is so hectic..problems come and go. i heard lots of stories and some are my own problems. i hate to admit that this life is never a fairy tale but i hope that one day everything will gets better. i'm tired of all this nonesense and i hope that what i heard is wrong. i had enough and what i've been through all this years ..had already killing me slowly.. owh god, please tell me all i heard is just a lie. just a bunch of rumours from those who never stop ' dengki' .. -___-

owh.. and my brother did it again. keep playing around and 'i dont know what he's doing' but he skip his class again. this is not good. he's no longer a liltle child who should be scolded and nag for hours. he can think for himself what is good and bad. hm~ i dont know what should i do.. i dont like scolding others coz i dont want them to hate me.. nothing seems to make him realise that he need that qualification to survive in this 'must have qualification' era. owh adikku.. sedar la kamu.. jgn la main2 lagi.. u've been given so many chance.. i know u can do it.. come on.. prove to me and to mama that u can.. ^_^ .. i'll promise not to scold u but please hear my advice.. ececeh~

aha~ 1st day of ramadhan.. went to bazaar to buy some juadah berbuka.. but so many people.. cant even see the foods.. can even walk properly coz everyone is pushing here and there.. so i just decided to buka puasa at a nearby restaurant... sabar ye~ ^_^

from medical school.. i learn a lot.. and the most important thing is.. i realise that now.. i'm much more "patient" compare to previously.. ^_^
i'm glad.. hehe..


K.Safwan said...

kamu jgn laa risau sgt.. sterok2 kite ade prob, org lain ade prob lagi terok dari kite.. ^_^ smile, n bsabar.. pape btau sy k?? 141716

[x]RaiRa87[x] said...

yups.. bersabarlah nadic :)

NaDic said...

huu~~ baiklah.. owh.. yela.. tau tp still semua org ader prob.. isk iru kelemahan sy.. better ignore everything .huu
hari ni aku demam.. iz.. bila pulak ko ader blog.. aku jugak tidak tahu.. ^_^ nnt i folow u k.. ^_^

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