Friday, March 12, 2010


Rozi's Needlework.. first giveaway!!!!

The most interesting part is.. u can choose your own prize!! ( tu pun kalau menang la..hik~hik)

( the collection of prizzes..*wini*wink)

i want this collection of black n white.. it's just elegant..
haha.. although pink is my favourite colour..but when it comes to black n white perfect combination like this.. i just cant resist to love em' as well.. haha.. ( apa ngarot ni ikhlas nih.. xoxo)

nway... i love black coz 'he' love em too..=)


so.. those who interested to join this giveaway..
come visit this blog.. u'll gonna love it..
i'm loving it <3

MY checklist..=)
  1. Follow my blog. (done!!)
  2. Enter a comment under this post.(done..i want backy n white)
  3. Put a post in your blog with the picture of the prize you wish to get and link my blog. (sudah boss..hee)

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