Saturday, March 13, 2010

NurelL's Craft First Giveaway..


cute items..??

envy them??

want one of themm?

so.. what are u waiting for.. lets join NurelL's giveaway..(i love giveaway.. *big grin*)

look at those ribbons (especially the pink one.. *wink*wink)..aren't they just charming & adorable...

My Check List..

  1. Be our Follower (following u always..hee)
  2. Post about this giveaway at your blog/facebook/website. Link back to this post so that other people can join too..You can use the picture above…(done!!)
  3. Finally, leave a comment below and state the link of your post about this giveaway.. (okie..dokie)

Come n Join Before ~25th March 2010

gOod Luck ye.. and..and.. dont forget to wish me luck too.. =)

more info?? click here..woowee~

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