Thursday, March 4, 2010


i'm LUCKY today.. wow~
i'm glad that i g0t a present from DELICATE FINGERS..
yeah~ i'm filled with joy right now..
nway sorry delicate fingers a.k.a aimila..for the late reply..
my schedule was very pack lately & life was kinda hectic..

thanks a lot...
u make me smile form ear to ear ( wow.. hebat nye aku senyum..)
i'm thankful... i am...

p/s: hope ur lil' princess will get well soon... amin..
she'll grow up to be a healthier girl..
~doc wannabe :baina~

i received the parcel today.. fast & furious btol..

isnt it cute.. nway.. it's really cool.. & hasil kerjanya sgt kemas..
kalau sape2 nk tempah.. boleh la ke blog nyer... =)
tak rugi...cantik sgt..

(p/s: owner.. guna abx ekspress tak mahal ye?? ) XOXO~


aimila said...

hi, doc wanna be...hehehe. glad u have received the bag. no big deal regarding the abx courier. sara is getting much better now n i hope she can get back to school by next week!! hope u can achieve what u always wanted to be!!! Ameen..

K.Safwan said...

oitt bdak!! dapat beg eyh.. xci.. haha.. tahniah2.. nant blanjer sy mamam.. gugu :P

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