Thursday, April 28, 2011

the 'not so' prom night.

here we go again.. talking bout dinner..^_^
one thing i like most bout 'dinner' is u can be someone else for just one night..haha.. yeke?

so.. the story begin, it was my last college dinner. The theme was "Night of Ties".
It suppose to be at the "Renaissance hotel" but then because of this Halal issues (which i dont know much about it, so better not to talk bout it here)... We were last minute told that the venue is change to "The Grand Dorset Hotel Subang"..never heard of it before. BUT! the food was awesome!  
If ur thinking of organizing ur dinner, why not try "The Grand Dorset Hotel" 
For the past 5 years i've been to my college dinner and to other hotels, this is the hotel that serve the best food ever. seriously..

lets take a peek and see what happen that night~ 

picture credit to my friend.. ^_^

p/s: thinking of letting go this dress.. who ever interested please notify me/ msg me.. ^__^
price range will be  RM180 or below.. TQ.. ^_^


Atikah M. Nawawi said...

wahhhh cun dress! lovelyy dear! :D

Munirah said...

woahh..mcm dress kawin

~atieput3~ said...

nad, aku nak tya sket...

how much did u spent for all the dresses for all the dinners u went to?

mesti ribu jugak kan.hahaha

NaDic said...

tQ atikah~

tiena aka atieput3.. haha.. x smpi ribu la weyh~ aku survey dulu b4 beli~ haha.. ^__^ most dress ni harga dia lebih kurang je mcm bju org lain pakai g dinner.. ader yg cheaper pun ada tiena.. huhu~ ^__^ aku mix n match +recycle je ape yg ada.. huu~

tulus sweet said...

omg nak pengsan tengok korang! gojessssssssss!

NaDic said...

TQ dear.. hehe. setahun sekali je boleh bergaya2 gni~ ^_^

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