Tuesday, May 18, 2010

wish upon the wishing stars

each day .. u wake up.. figure out what life is all about and each day u keep dreaming this and that..
you never stop wishing and hoping. false hope is bad. i hate it so much. u want your life to be perfect but life never will be perfect, right?. sometimes you feel good and sometimes you dont. sometimes ur just lucky enough and everthing that happen that one day was perfect but the other day when you wake up again. u just afraid to face the unknown today..

wish as much as u want.. aim as high as the mountain.. u'll realise that if u work hard to gain something ++ u pray to Allah every night and day ++ u put faith in urself, that u can do it.. then with Allah will.. u sure can..
Each day u keep asking.. why i work so hard but i never get what i want to.. so, sit back and think.. have u done what ur creator ask u to do.. have u perform all ur responsibilities ?? have u done anything that Allah hate.. ??

never  give up!! Good Luck in everyhting u do.. Believe in yourself.. work & try harder this time.. there's always a reason for something to happen.. He knows the most.. may ur wish come true. amin..

haha.. serious entry for today.. saje je.. ^_^

take home message: Dont play too much.. Keep ur Promise .. Pass ur 'Control" with flying Colours..

Good LUCK!!


K.Safwan said...

wow!! for me??
tQ hun~ wish me luck tau~


nice blog..cantik layout..hehe

tq sudi bertandang di blog tukang kata..award tak lah banyak sgt..tak femes..haha

ieQa sWetLuv said...


chaiyok3.. hehe

NaDic said...

k.safwan: huu.. mestila utk kamu incik safwan..
tukang kata: uhuk.. tanx dear.. yeke tak femes..
ieqa: ye2.. chaiyol2!!

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